Technica Pacifica

DHC U.S. Office


Comments from our students

Below are selected comments and excerpts of comments from our students:


I am satisfied with the detailed comments on my translations and the answers for my questions. I learned many important rules that I did not know before. Thank you very much for all of them. -- N. S.


This is my last submission. I would like to thank you for your great guidance. I enjoyed your comments so much that I feel sad to finish this course. This has been a great experience. Thank you! -- A.Y.


Thank you all for your kind and useful comments through the past year...By the way, if I take another course from DHC, what course do you recommend? How about "Articles" and "Tense"? These areas are always difficult for me. -- Y.H.,


Let me express thank you to all in the U.S. office. I have learned a lot through this course, and I especially appreciate your fresh and valuable comments, which I never find in dictionaries (especially from the Japanese). -- Y.S.


I've completed the technical writing course! This course is very good and useful. Thank you for your help. -- K.S.


Today I have received my answer sheets, and I am satisfied with the grader's comments. Of course, there were lots of red marks, but the comments were very easy to understand, and helpful. I could understand easily why I had made the mistakes. -- K.T.


Thank you very much for your instructions in this course. I am very much impressed with your detailed corrections and comments on my exercises. Thank you! -- Y.Y.


Hello! I really appreciate your comments every time. And they are always very informative and helpful. I'm enjoying this course so much. THANK YOU! -- A.Y.


Thanks to you, I've finally completed the Business and Technical Writing Course. Thank you very much for your kind guidance. Now, I have to work on "Articles." -- Y.K.


It is great to correspond with the U.S. office directly! Keep up the good job! -- S.A.


Thank you for your giving me an immediate answer. I understood it clearly. -- M.M.